SAA at Batajnica airport

Great interest for the enrollment of the new class of students at SAA


SMATSA Aviation Academy in Vrsac had a presentation at the “Open Day” at Batajnica airport.

A large number of aviation enthusiasts visited the stand of the SAA in front of our Control Tower and asked about the conditions and methods of training in Vrsac. Our instructors were in charge of promotional material, all the information regarding training, but also about regarding questions about aviation in general.

Paratroopers of the Special Unit of the Serbian Army who jumped from the helicopter MI-8, from a height of 1200 meters opened the event at Batajnica military airport. Seven parachutists jumped from the helicopter and two other opened the flags of Serbia and the Serbian Army in the skies over Batajnica, in front of a large crowd of citizens.

The paratroopers were followed by a flying program, which was of the greatest interest for everybody present ,in which MIG-29 , MIG-21, Supergaleb G-4, AN-26, Utva-75 aircraft and Gazela and MI-8 / 17helicopters participated.

The host of the event, the deputy commander of the 204th Aviation Brigade, Colonel, Mr.Zeljko Bilić told reporters that there were between four and five thousand visitors in the event and that the Open Day event itself was an opportunity for the brigade to show the citizens their good training.

He pointed out that this event was organized to allow citizens to socialize with members of the army and the 204th Aviation Brigade and visit Batajnica airport without special permission.

Bilić was pleased that the air show was attended by a large number of young people and children. “Children are the future of the military,” Bilić said.

Before the official beginning of the event, visitors toured the exposed planes at the airport, and the youngsters were able to enter the cockpit of military aircraft and to be photographed. In addition to the members of the 204th Aviation Brigade, the members of the 250th Missile Brigade for Aerial Defence, the 126th VOJIN Brigades, Special Brigade of the Army of Serbia and the members of the Center for flight tests also participated the Open Day.

The flying part of the program began with three Super Galeb G4 aircraft that simulated the effects on the ground as well as MIG 21 aircraft which demonstrated the protection of the attack aviation.

Flights UTVA75 simulated search and rescue for shot down pilot who was then evacuated by helicopter crew MI8 aircraft, while being protected from the air by the Gazela helicopter.

After that, the entry of Antonov 26 aircraft was simulated in the airspace of Serbia which was found by 29 MIG aircraft and had it land at the airport.

The helicopter MI 8 also simulated fire extinguishing by spilling two tons of water that had previously been taken from the Danube in Banovci.

The Open Day action was organized with the aim to show the level of training of the Serbian Army to perform the tasks of the assigned missions and promotion of the Serbian Army through direct contact with citizens. Traditionally, it is dedicated to elementary and secondary school students, as well as to the general public.

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