SMATSA LLC: 22 million RSD contributed

A payment of 22 million RSD made in behalf of the flood victims, 22 aircraft put at the disposal and the relief aid delivered




SMATSA LLC: a payment of 22 million RSD contributed in behalf of the flood victims, 22 aircraft put at the disposal and the relief aid delivered

According to the agreement with SMATSA LLC management and unions, SMATSA LLC employees have waived one day’s wage and the resulting sum of 10 million RSD has been paid into the account of the Government of the Republic of Serbia today, as an aid for the flood victims.

So far, Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA LLC has made a payment of 10 million RSD into the same account, followed by the payment of 500,000 RSD of the personal aid by SMATSA LLC CEO, Mr Radojica Rovčanin. “Although SMATSA LLC has already donated a big amount of money to help the victims, I, personally, wanted to help in the reconstruction of Serbia. I am hereby inviting the other CEOs to make their personal donations and show their employees and the citizens of Serbia that only jointly, in coordination with the Government of Serbia, we can beat the floods.” says Mr. Rovčanin.

SMATSA LLC Union has already allocated 500 thousand RSD for the purchase of goods and materials to be delivered on sites.

With regard to the appeal for the aid to the flood victims, issued by Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services (SMATSA LLC) to EUROCONTROL AND CANSO (Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation) Directors, HungaroControl – Hungarian Air Navigation Services Pte. Ltd. Co. confirmed that the payment of 8,000 EUR will be made to the Red Cross. In the letter to SMATSA LLC it was confirmed that Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina will receive 4,000 EUR each. In accordance with the recommendations of the competent Ministry, SMATSA LLC made an appeal to all Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) for financial aid. SMATSA LLC expects that other members of EUROCONTROL and CANSO will make payments of financial aid for the flood victims in the course of the next few days.

SMATSA LLC has already delivered to the Reception centers for accommodation of flood victims: 61 mattresses, 70 blankets, 70 pillows and 150 bed linen sets. Two buses and a car have been put at disposal to the Army of Serbia at Batajnica airport. The building of SMATSA LLC Training Centre of more than 2,000 square meters located at Belgrade Airport has also been made available.

SMATSA LLC has also put at disposal to the Government of Serbia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs the fleet of 22 aircraft with crews for transport of people and cargo: 2 turbo-prop King Air aircraft (transporting 6 passengers or 500 kg of cargo load), 18 single-engine Cessna 172 aircraft (transporting 3 passengers or 200 kg of cargo load) and 2 twin-engine Cessna 310 aircraft (transporting 4 passengers or 250 kg of cargo load).

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