Students visited SMATSA Aviation Academy

Students of Aeronautical College “Petar Drapšin” from Belgrade visited SMATSA Aviation Academy


The students of Aeronautical College “Petar Drapšin” from Belgrade visited SMATSA Aviation Academy at Vršac today. Before the pupils visited the premises, SMATSA Aviation Academy representatives had held a lecture to future aviators. The fleet of 20 aircraft and SAA Control Tower were the most attractive to them.

Miss Marija Marinković, the student, said for our site: “I have always dreamt to become a pilot, so that is why I enrolled at the Aeronautical College; my goal is to study at SAA.

When comparing this Academy to similar ones abroad, I found out that this Academy offers better possibilities. I really enjoyed talking with SAA instructors who familiarized us with their experience and with all beauties of this profession, so now I am quite sure that aviation will be my future profession”. Nikola Grubić, the pupil said: “My first impression is that the Academy is well-organized, while talking with theory and flight instructors I found many things about aviation.

After completing The Aeronautical College my plan is to continue studies at SAA which was my dream since childhood. I heard many good things about Aviation Academy at Vršac so now I had an opportunity to see why this Academy is one of the best in Europe. The training is well-organized and all strengh is aimed to candidates’ progress”.

SAA representatives invited the pupils from Aeronautical College “Petar Drapšin” to continue their future studies at SMATSA Aviation Academy Vršac or Training Centre in Belgrade and become pilots or air traffic controllers.

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