Flying from the plains into the whole world

Aviation Academy in Vršac, each year trains up to 100 pilots who find their job in the biggest airlines in the world


-Etihad satisfied with the conditions at the Academy

-Flying on its own airport

-Training on brand new aircraft

-155 hours of flight training

-Licence recognized on all meridians

Aviation Academy in Vršac is one of the rare academies that is proud to say that its students fly for the biggest and most famous airlines in the world. During the 59 years through theoretical and practical training, there were more than 2000 pilots from more than 20 different foreign countries that overflew the Banat plains The quality of the training is best shown from the fact, that one of the primary aims of Etihad, the owner of Serbian airline, was the visit to Aviation Academy.

The retired General-lieutenant colonel, Mr.Dragan Katanić, advisor of the Acting Director of SMATSA, which owns the Academy, proudly highlights announced cooperation with the giant from UAE:

“It is the confirmation of all our efforts that the students receive the best theoretical and practical training from the top teachers and instructors. Our own airport, with two grass and one concrete runway and Control Tower produced the biggest impressions. It enables us to fly whenever we want, without synchronizing with anybody. Thus, our trainees fly in all conditions- during the day and night, in rain, snow, i.e. in instrument flying conditions when the visibility is poor. There are 20 aircraft in our fleet, out of which 8 are brand new, and the state of the art simulator on which they practice all possible emergency situations that can occur in the air” – Mr. Katanić explains.

“According to his words, each student, must pass a training process consisting of complex theoretical training, 155 hours of flying as well as 40 hours on simulator. When they leave Vršac, the students are licensed to fly on single and twin engine aircraft. After that, when they find a job in a certain airline, they undergo a special training for the type of aircraft when they can fly solo.

We still do not know the number of students we would train for Etihad, but we can fulfill all the norms. It will be our first international cooperation with an airline. Up to now, we have only trained JAT pilots and individual foreign students.

However, there is no doubt that we will be top professionals in the new circumstances as well” – Mr. Katanić concludes.

The Application for October group

The application for the new group starts in October. The application deadline is 5th September. Entry exams from math, physics and English language will be taken in Vrsac and the innovation is that the training can be paid using a special loan given by Intesa bank.

Training for 13 licences

Students at Aviation Academy in Vršac can obtain 13 licences that are worldwide accepted, among which the most required are Private Pilot Licence, Commercial Pilot License and Transport Pilot Licence. Depending on the type of licence, the training lasts from 3-4 months to 2 years, after which they become pilots.

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