Representatives from Etihad Airways visited SMATSA Aviation Academy (SAA) in Vršac to familiarize themselves with the Academy’s capabilities and to discuss potential opportunities for training Etihad’s cadet pilots.


Etihad representatives visited the SMATSA Aviation Academy (SAA) in Vrsac to familiarize themselves with the capacity of the school for pilot training. On this occasion, with the representatives of the Academy, there was a discussion regarding the potential training of cadet pilots.

SAA is one of Europe’s largest and most experienced pilot training centers, with more than 2100 pilots trained since 1954.

SAA is one of the largest and oldest academy for the training of pilots in Europe with more than 2100 pilots trained since 1954.

During the visit, Etihad representatives were introduced with the SAA fleet consisting of 20 aircraft – 8 Cessna 172S equipped with the latest navigation system Garmin 1000, 10 Cessna 172N, 2 Cessna 310 and ALSIM Alx FNPT II simulator, which is owned by the Academy.

Previously, Etihad representatives visited the new SMATSA Area Traffic Control Center in Belgrade, where they had the opportunity to learn about the services provided by SMATSA.

As the representatives of both companies were very satisfied during an interview in Belgrade and Vrsac, Etihad and SMATSA will continue through future meetings to discuss all the possibilities of cooperation.


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