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Feb 05, 2017

Studenti iz Iraka na školovanju u Srbiji

Jan 25, 2017

Enrollment of new class of SAA candidates

Jun 08, 2016

Enrollment of new class of SAA candidates

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Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA llc

and SMATSA Aviation Academy from Vršac announce                                                                


for enrollment of candidates on

ATP (A) integrated course (pilot with all relevant licenses and ratings)



ATPL (A) Theoretical Knowledgе

ATP (A) for PPL holder

ATP (A) for CPL IR holder


FI (A)


PPL (A) Distance Learning (D/L) 

Entry Test will take place on Tuesday 14th March 2017 at SMATSA Aviation Academy. (146 Podvršanska Street, 26300 Vršac.) 
Theoretical classes start on Tuesday, 03th April 2017.

Registration of documents is on Tuesday 14th March 2017 at 08:00 hours. You are kindly asked to confirm your attendance at the Entry Test at or by phone

+381 13 800 854

+381 13 800 855 by March 11th 2017.

Time-table for Entry Test:

-08:00-10:00      Registration

-10:00-11:00      English language (written)

-11:00-12:00      Mathematics, Entry Test (written)

-12:30-12:45      Break

-12:45-13:45      Physics, Entry Test (written)

-13:45                 English language (oral)

-15:00                 Interview with candidates, Agreement offer.

Necessary documents:

-Copy of personal documents ( passport or identity card );
-Copy of the highest level of education (previously finished);
-2 passport size photographs;
-Copy of valid medical logbook, i.e. proof of medical insurance;
-Copy of Medical Certificate Class 1 or 2 issued by authorized EASA PART MED institution.


SMATSA Aviation Academy is one of Europe's largest and most experienced pilot and air traffic control officer training centers. We offer integrated courses that will help you reach your dream of becoming a professional pilot or an air traffic control officer.

Why train at the SMATSA Aviation Academy?

1) Reputation

2) Capability

3) Value

Pilot training

SMATSA Aviation Academy offers two types of pilot training programs:

Modular training is best suited for candidates who wish to obtain their professional license in several steps. This approach offers more flexibility and it appeals to those who already have a job or a family, and want to progress gradually where training duration is not a primary concern.

Integrated training is tailored for those who want to become professional pilots as quickly as possible. This approach requires constant (whole day) presence of the candidate at the academy for both theoretical and flight training. Integrated training approach greatly reduces the training duration and the longest program of this type lasts approximately 18 to 24 months.

Both types of training programs are approved by EASA and licenses issued by the Serbian Directorate for Civil Aviation are equivalent to those obtained at an approved training center within the EU, i.e., no additional tests or classes are required.

Click here for more information on our professional pilot programs. 

Click here for more information on our private pilot programs. 

Air Traffic Control Officer training

Training of the air traffic control officers is conducted at the accredited SMATSA training center according to the defined and approved training plans and programs. Training plans and programs differ depending on the type of license/rating requested, i.e. whether the trainee is trained for work at the airport, approach or area air traffic control unit. Irrespective of the type of license/rating, the training is comprised of the theoretical and practical part.

We are certified by the Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate (CAD), and training is conducted in accordance to the license agreement with EUROCONTROL. Our training programs adhere to:
• ICAO Annex 1- Personnel Licensing
• ESARR 5 – EUROCONTROL Safety Regulatory Requirement on ATM Services Personnel
• ICAO Doc 9841 – Manual on the Approval of Training Organizations
• The European Manual of Personnel Licensing - Air Traffic Controllers, 2.0

English for Aviation

Pilots and air traffic controllers are required to achieve and maintain ICAO level 4 English language requirements. Our training programs are specially tailored to prepare students to meet this requirement by passing the Test of English for Aviation (TEA) exam.

We offer English for Aviation classes at both of our campuses, allowing you to complete your English training at the same place you will have your flight or ATC training.