Nine new students in SMATSA Aviation Academy

123 students currently at training

In March enrollment process at SMATSA Aviation Academy, the entry test has been passed by nine candidates. New student-pilots come from Serbia, Germany and Sweden. Among them there is a girl from Vršac. All of them enrolled the highest ATP(A) Integrated course for obtaining the Airplane Transport Pilot Licence.

Training for a new generation od students will commence on 26th March, 2019. SMATSA Aviation Academy currently has exactly 123 students from all over the world, attending different phases of training.

By the way, our new students will have better conditions for learning. Theoretical training will start in a completely reconstructed building.

Theory is conducted in modern classrooms equipped with new computers and other teaching aids.

The Air Traffic Control Building was completely reconstructed and nowadays represents a modern ambience adjusted to the needs of students.

The runway has been equipped with a new PAPI system of lights (Precision Approach Path Indicator) like all major airports have.

Our fleet consists of 20 aircraft, of which 8 are with the factory-installed Glass cockpit. The seats in other airplanes have been replaced, while the inner part of the aircraft was restored.

SMATSA Aviation Academy has made a pertinent technical step forward by installing the latest Dopler VOR-DMI device, which provides a precise approach upon landing during the training for Instrument flying.

All our students are warmly welcomed in the world of professional aviation by Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services (SMATSA LLC Belgrade) with best wishes for successful education.

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