People′s Republic of China Ambassador visits SМАТSА

China is interested in pilots′ training at Aviation Academy in Vršac


On Friday, 16th November, HE, Mr. Li Manchang, the Ambassador of PRC China in Serbia visited SMATSA Aviation Academy in Vršac, together with his associates. “I really have great impressions. I did not know that Academy is so big and modern and at such a high level” said Ambassador.

Mr. Predrag Jovanović, CEO of Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA Llc, who was the host of this visit, presented to China’s Ambassador, capacities of Aviation Academy in Vršac, as well as pilots’ training possibilities.

“This is unique complex in this part of Europe. Pilot’s school and private airport are placed on 350 hectares, with one concrete and two grass runways, aircraft maintenance services and air traffic control. We can offer this complete process to you.

Keeping in mind the forecast that we will have a shortage of almost 800,000 pilots in the world in the following 20 years, and that they will be needed mostly in the region of Asia and Pacific and the most in China, I think that we can offer to our Chinese partners a qualitative training with acceptable prices. Mr. Jovanović pointed that “Chinese students would learn in friendly environment since Chinese citizens are always welcome here”.

The Ambassador stressed that it was his first visit to Aviation Academy in Vršac and expressed his gratitude to CEO for the invitation. “We exchanged our views concerning the beginning of the cooperation between China and Serbia in this field. We are greatly interested in this cooperation. I believe that many Chinese students will come here to learn to drive plane and they will love Serbia and Vršac and your Academy.

China is a huge market regarding pilots. We will send a report to China to see how to begin with this cooperation. I believe that we have many possibilities for the cooperation and great interest”, Mr. Manchang sent the message.

After the meeting with Mr. Predrag Jovanović, SMATSA Llc CEO and with Mr. Zoran Lakićević, the State secretary of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure and his associates, the Ambassador tried the most sophisticated flight simulator  which is used in the final phase of training. One hour of the flight simulator flying is considered as one hour of the flying in the real aircraft.

Accompanied by experienced SMATSA Aviation Academy’s pilot and instructors, the Ambassador flew with Cesna 172,  which is used during the students’ training in Academy.

After the flight, Mr. Jovanović, the CEO gave him the certificate for successful completion of the first flight.

“Thank you for this opportunity to fly with small plane and the captain is really great. He showed us how to fly the plane. This is great experience. There are seven of us from the Embassy and none of us has flown with the small plane until now. I will never forget this great experience”, emphasized the Ambassador.

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