Students from Iraq commencing their training in Serbia

Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA LLC Belgrade

CEO’s Office

5th February, 2017


Mr Radojica Rovčanin, CEO of Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA LLC Belgrade and Dr Kasim Asker Hasan, the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in the Republic of Serbia, signed the Contract on training according to which the Iraqi pilots shall be trained in SMATSA Aviation Academy in Vršac. This contract is providing training for 200 students in order to obtain both the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) and Private Pilot License (PPL).The first group of students shall commence the training in SAA in May 2017.


The Iraqi delegation visited SMATSA Aviation Academy in which the whole project will be implemented. On this occasion, H.E. the Iraqi Ambassador dr Kasim Asker Hasan said that Iraqi pilots had already been educated in Serbia for the needs of Iraqi Airways national air carrier. „We are planning a huge renewal of Iraqi civil aviation. 700 civil pilots are still required, new aircraft are being bought and because of that a great number of students should be educated. There is a possibility of signing the new contracts“, said the Iraqi Ambassador Dr Kasim Asker Hasan. Mr Radojica Rovčanin, CEO of Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA LLC Belgrade informed the Iraqi delegation that he was glad because SMATSA Aviation Academy was returning on the Iraqi market for which a large number of students were previously trained. “Your country is an immense business potential for the Republic of Serbia and we have all the capacities for the high-quality education. Students are going to be trained on single and multi-engine aircraft, as well as on the most technologically advanced synthetic training device. The training will be conducted by highly educated personnel (instructors and lecturers) that educate pilots for all the world’s leading airline companies. Currently we have 120 students from all over the world. Also, we are experienced in educating large groups such as the one with students from Algeria – 72 pilots were educated for their national air carrier. 60 years of our experience in educating pilots is well known and recognized all over the world“, highlighted Mr Rovčanin.


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