Serbian Army completed training at SMATSA Aviation Academy

Serbian Army successfully completed training on Piper Seneca V twin engine aircraft at SMATSA Aviation Academy




The training pilots from Serbian Army on Piper Seneca V twin-engine aircraft has successfully been completed at SMATSA Aviation Academy Vršac. The training was completed upon the request of the Serbian Army in order to engage this type of aircraft for aerial photography and photographing (AFS) the areas affected by floods. The Serbian Army officers Mr Davor Marković, Mr Branislav Ćirković, Mr Stevan Vuković and Mr Zoran Marković have successfully completed practical training and flying on FNPT II simulator. The training programme included normal and emergency procedures for multi-engine aircraft – MEP (land).

Discussions with the Serbian Army representatives are in progress regarding the provision of assistance to conduct continuous airworthiness of Piper Seneca V aircraft at SMATSA Aviation Academy Service Centre.

Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services llc (SMATSA) will positively respond to all requests from Serbian Army for the future pilots training and other aviation personnel in order to repair the consequences of flood and improve all segments of the Serbian aviation.

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