Loan for Training Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers

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In order to make training easier, Banca Intesa has created a special model for financing training at SMATSA Aviation Academy in Vršac and Air Traffic Control Training Centre in Belgrade.

SMATSA Aviation Academy (SAA) is a part of Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Sevices SMATSA llc and has an extensive experience in training pilots and air traffic controllers.

SAA in Vršac is one of the largest and most respected centres for pilot training in Europe. In the past 60 years, thousands of pilots have completed training at SMATSA Aviation Academy and as successful pilots fly for more than 30 international airlines. Conditions for training at Vrsac are unique: The Academy is situated at the area of 300 acres, it has its own airport with three runways, 1.700 km2 of airspace designated for training, control tower, the latest state of the art flight simulator and a renewed fleet consisting of 20 Cessna 172S, Cessna 172N and Cessna 310 aircraft.

SMATSA Air Traffic Control Training Centre in Belgrade has trained air traffic controllers for 50 years who work for ATM providers around the world. Work of air traffic controllers is difficult and requires a high level of knowledge, skills and determination. For these reasons, SMATSA trains only candidates who pass a rigorous selection process. Training centres at Vršac and Belgrade have experienced teaching staff and modern equipment, which enable future pilots and controllers to be trained in the best possible manner.

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Model of loan, designed for this purpose can be with or without a mortgage. Loan user may be an individual who receives salary or pension on his/her current account opened at Banca Intesa.

For more information about the conditions for loan, please call Banca Intesa Contact Centre on 011 310 88 88 or on our website: Loan application can be submitted at Banca Intesa branches in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Nis, Sombor, Subotica, Vrsac, Kraljevo, Uzice Vranje and Jagodina.

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