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Mirko Vranic, Head of SMATSA Aviation Academy: “All interest for the Academy comes because of the quality and safety offered by the Academy”.


Stefan Veselinovic, pilot-student at SMATSA Aviation Academy Vrsac who came to Academy last year from London and Mr. Mirko Vranic Head of SAA, have joined today live in the RTS 1 and told the story of our Academy.

On this occasion the reporter Masa Ivkov said:

80 pilots are at training at SAA Flight Academy Vrsac at the moment, and tomorrow the new April group comes consisting of 13 students. Most of the participants come from our country and from the region, but also, students from Germany, Great Britain, Algeria and other parts of the world regularly come at training. Among them, there are often children of emigrants who have decided to start their career as pilots at training in their homeland. One of them is Stefan Veselinovic. Stefan, your parents have been living for number of years in London, and you came here at Vrsac to start your pilot training.

Stefan Veselinovic, student

I’ve always wanted to be a pilot. My parents told me that there is an academy at Vrsac called SMATSA Aviation Academy so I came here. I can say that the quality of education is very convenient with a lot of good instructors. The quality of training is just the same as the training in London. But life in Serbia is much better and more relaxed while the flying is great.

Reporter: Masa Ivkov

Do you plan to continue your professional career here in Serbia?

Stefan Veselinovic, student

I already have a plan. I’d love to be employed at “Air Serbia” and fly their planes.

Reporter: Masa Ivkov

Thank you very much for this interview. It is worth mentioning that at Flight Academy in the last 60 years more than 2,000 pilots have been trained. It is the largest Flight Academy in southeastern part of Europe with long tradition. With us today is Mr. Mirko Vranic.

Mr. Vranic, tell us where does all such interest for Vrsac Flight Academy come from?

Mirko Vranic, Head of SMATSA Aviation Academy

All interest for the Academy comes because of the quality and safety offered by the Academy. We offer the quality with our professional theoretical staff, professional and experienced instructors and aircraft maintenance in Academy which is at a very high level. What makes us special is that we have a fleet of 20 aircraft, that we bought 8 brand new glass cockpit aircraft in 2012 which is a remarkable improvement for the training. In this way we offer a high quality training to all students.The fact that we are proud of is the modern simulator where one hour of flying replaces an hour of real flying. In this way, we provide high-quality training to all students at our Academy. All who graduate at our Academy, whether they come from Europe, Asia, Africa and so on represent a kind of ambassadors who spread far the fame of the Academy. I would like to mention that such voice came to Japan, when the representative of a Japanese aviation school came and expressed interest in establishing a possible cooperation with SMATSA Aviation Academy.

Reporter: Maša Ivkov

Thank you very much for this interview. In the end, we would like to say that we talked today with flight instructors who told us that pilots from Flight Academy Vrsac are experienced thanks to weather conditions. Vršac is specific for its wind directions, which make flying difficult. So they gain specific experience compared to students who fly in ideal weather conditions.

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