Airport Vrsac – Border Crossing

Border police and Customs at the SAA in Vrsac implemented the same procedures similar to any other international airport


Today, SMATSA Aviation Academy in Vrsac, for the first time in six years is again operating as a border crossing. In particular premises made for this purpose, the Border Police and Customs checked passports and luggage of the Romanian delegation who made an official visit to SAA.

In the delegation which crossed Vrsac Border Crossing, were professor Dr Sorin Eugen Zaharia at the University of Aviation in Bucharest and Dorin Ivascu, the Director of the Regional Air Services at the Tuzla airport in Romania. They discussed with SMATSA Aviation Academy representatives about possible cooperation. They came to Vrsac with their plane Diamond DA42.

It is worth mentioning that Border Crossing at Vrsac Airport was opened in 2006 by the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia where the police and customs similar to any other international airport check passengers, documents and luggage.

The new-established border crossing is very important for training students at SMATSA Aviation Academy, who from today will have training at international flights. An aircraft from Greece has landed at Vrsac Airport on the same day when the Romanian delegation arrived.

Apart from Surcin and Nis airports, Vršac is the third airport operating in central Serbia with border crossing.

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