Possible training of pilots from Japan

It is possible to establish cooperation between the Japanese Flight Academy and SAA very soon – says the Director of the Japanese Flight Academy.


“The development of aviation is very important, both for Serbia and Japan. The Japanese Flight Academy believes that the conditions for training pilots have to be the same throughout the whole world”, said the Director of the Japanese Flight Academy Kenichi Negishi during a visit to SMATSA Aviation Academy in Vrsac. “What I saw in Vrsac is fantastic and when I return home, I want to make a detailed plan of cooperation between our two academies. I know that there are young people in Japan who would like to train in Europe, and this is the most modern academy in Europe I’ve ever seen”, said Negishi and jokingly admitted that he was a little bit jealous of the SAA fleet, control tower and plenty of airspace which SAA is using for student training.

The host of the Japanese Director was Mr. Mirko Vranic, the Director of SAA. He said that in the last sixty years, more than 2000 pilots have completed their training in SAA and are now working as successful pilots for more than 30 international airlines. “We expect to sign a contract with Air Serbia in the next fifteen days and train their students. This will represent a new quality and improvement of our brand and I’m sure the new pride of the town of Vrsac”, said Mr. Vranic to journalists and colleagues from Japan.

Moreover, a delegation from Japan came to visit SMATSA Aviation Academy only a day after the entry test of the April new class of students. Guests from Japan were told that ten students from the United States, Moldova, Montenegro and Serbia passed the entry test. Training for the new class will begin in April.

SMATSA Aviation Academy in Vrsac is one of the largest and most experienced training centers in Europe. There are 95 future pilots from around the world training at SAA, including the April class.

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