SMATSA trains pilots for Air Serbia

Intensive cooperation between SMATSA and Air Serbia, Academy in Vrsac to train pilots for the national air carrier


Mr Radojica Rovčanin, CEO of Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Llc Belgrade (SMATSA Llc), announced today the intesive cooperation between SMATSA Aviation Academy Vršac and AIR Serbia airline company, whose pilots are going to be trained in Vršac. „I just spoke to Mr Dane Kontić, CEO of AIR Serbia airline company, because 17 of their students should be trained at our academy, said Mr Rovčanin at Tourism Fair in Belgrade where the popular Vršac Aviation Academy presented its facilities.

He quoted that the pilot migration was great because it is a well-paid job, so AIR Serbia, as he said, must plan on time and have a stable number of crew and aircraft. Mr Rovčanin reminded that the Academy, which was established 60 years ago, has more and more students. This is what Mr Rovčanin said while addressing to important officials of the state of Serbia, the representatives of embassies and dignified guests who attended the promotion of SMATSA Aviation Academy:

„Good afternoon and welcome.I greet you in the name of Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services and our SMATSA Aviation Academy in Vršac. Here is why we are so important for the development of tourism:

– We provide that guests arrive safely to this part of Europe because we control the airspace of Serbia, Montenegro, the southern Adriatic Sea and of more that the half of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

– We educate the air traffic controllers who follow that aircraft. During the past 60 years more than 2000 airline pilots were educated in Vršac and they are now working in airline companies around the world. Therefore we decided to participate at Tourism Fair and present SMATSA Aviation Academy to the visitors, which is the second largest flying academy in Europe. The Academy has 40 employees: professors, instructors and administrative staff. We have our own airport on 300 acres, 3 runways, Air Traffic Control tower equipped with the latest technology and 1700 square kilometers of airspace. The fleet consists of 20 aircraft for the pilot training, eight of which are brand new. We also have a state-of-the-art ALSIM simulator which is so technologically advanced that one hour of training in this device counts as one hour of actual flying.

SMATSA Aviation Academy has the approval of the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia to conduct and organize the integrated and modular courses in accordance with European JAR-FCL regulations. Pilots who obtain their license after training in SMATSA Aviation Academy can fly in any country of the European Union without any additional training.

We are very proud because the last year was the most successful since the establishment of the Academy: we realized 10500 hours of flying in all weather conditions, we trained 154 students including 45 cadets from Algeria who were sent to our Academy by their national air carrier. Besides the professional staff, our own Air Traffic Control and aircraft maintenance, the special attention here in SMATSA Aviation Academy is dedicated to the flight safety. What it means to us is that there are no unemployed pilots – all of them immediately find a job. So come to us to teach you how to safely fly to the beautiful future.


The audience was addressed by the Algerian Ambassador in Serbia Mr. Abdelkader Mesdoua whose country for years educates their pilots in SMATSA Aviation Academy.

In his friendly talks with journalists, the director of SMATSA Llc also said that “we have traditional partners and countries that have educated their pilots here and we intend to get them all back”. He announced the cooperation with Secondary Aviation Academy in Belgrade where, he said, one-third continue their education for air traffic controllers and one-third for pilots.

Commenting on why the Academy is being presented on Tourism Fair he said that tourism does not exists without transport and one of the modes of transport is air travel which today takes higher and higher place, with, among other things, the increasing number of charter flights.

Training center in Vršac is one of the largest and most experienced pilot training centers in Europe.

In the last 60 years, more than 2000 pilots completed their training in the Academy and are flying as successful pilots for more than 30 world companies. The Academy owns a modern fleet of 20 aircraft and its license was approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The presentation of SMATSA Aviation Academy will last until Sunday, 02nd March 2014. at stand of the town of Vršac, Belgrade Fair Hall 4.

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